Monday, February 20, 2017


One of my favorite bloggers, Katie, did a post like this a couple of weeks ago and I thought it would be fun to do one too. So here's what we're eating this week!

I blogged about how we meal plan last year, and here is a quick look at our week!

On Sundays I try to cook a whole thing of turkey bacon or breakfast sausage patties to save time during the week, and all I have to do is cook the eggs in the morning. If we're having hard boiled eggs then I usually fix those the night before too. Side note about breakfast: I used to rarely fix breakfast during the week (#wifefail). We would just eat a nutri grain bar, yogurt, or nothing at all. That left us really hungry by time lunch rolled around so we would eat lunch super early which then left us STARVING around 4 in the afternoon. We usually don't eat dinner until around 6 or after (even later during Matthew's busy season). So it was one of my goals for this year to start making breakfast for us or having a breakfast option that would fill us up (and healthy snack options for the afternoon!). Some weeks I do really well with this and some weeks I really suck at it still, so it is definitely a work in progress lol. I have found that fixing the whole pack of turkey bacon or breakfast sausage on Sunday nights helps a ton with this! Sometimes I make a bunch of breakfast burritos and freeze them until we're ready to eat them, this helps a lot too. 

Usually our dinners make enough for leftovers and we eat those the next day for lunch. If it doesn't make enough then I'll just throw us a pb&j sandwich together or we'll grab something out. Last night I tried a new homemade spaghetti sauce recipe and it was delicious! It also made enough for a small army, so we'll be eating spaghetti for a couple of days lol. Next time I make it I am going to save half and freeze it.

Monday | Waffles and turkey bacon...I always end up making too many waffles so we'll eat those later in the week for breakfast!

Tuesday | Tacos and rice...Taco Tuesday is very much a thing in our home.  I do try to mix it up and do crock pot chicken tacos some weeks, This week though, it's regular tacos! A lot of times I'll just eat a cheese quesadilla and fix Matthew tacos. You just can't beat a cheese quesadilla lol.

Wednesday | Crock pot sausage and cheese tortellini soup....Hands down one of our favorite meals. We could eat this for days...and that's exactly we do! This recipe makes plenty and there is always leftovers. I like to do quick and easy meals on Wednesdays since we have church on Wednesday nights, so we usually do a crock pot meal, breakfast foods, or grilled chicken, a vegetable and brown rice. We haven't had this meal in a few weeks so tortellini soup it is ;)

Thursday | Leftovers....Usually one night a week we leave open for leftovers, So I always try to leave one night available for leftovers, if closer to time I see we don't have as many leftovers as I thought then I'll do another crock pot meal with items already in the pantry and frozen chicken (I like to keep a 5lb bag of frozen chicken in the freezer at all times for these kinda nights!) or I'll pull out some grilled chicken from the freezer (Matthew grilled a few pounds of chicken a few months ago that we keep in the freezer for quick and easy meals) and fix some brown rice to go with it. 

Friday | Crock pot pork chops, green beans, and brown rice...We have some pork chops in the freezer that we bought a few months ago on sale, so I found this recipe on Pinterest and I'm excited for us to try it!

What are y'all having this week for dinner?


  1. You go girl - I am always impressed by consistent meal planning!! It feels good going into the week with a plan! I need to jump back on the meal planning train :)

  2. This is awesome!! You're so detailed! I have to say, even if you don't actually cook it on the day - that's awesome you have like legit breakfasts! Stephen's definitely on his own for breakfast because I'm just waking up - I like to have different quick options but I'm sure he doesn't see them lol

  3. I love this post- so fun to see what others are eating!
    We are having crockpot stuffed peppers, grilled chicken with kale salad and asparagus, leftovers, and salmon green beans and brown rice!

  4. I LOVE this post. I am always so interested in how other people meal plan and what an actual week looks like. Love that you guys do taco tuesday! One thing I do for easy breakfasts is either make a whole bunch of hard boiled eggs on Sunday, or some eggs mixed with spinach in muffin tins. I know my mom also makes homemade breakfast sandwiches and then freezes them to pull out at different times. Usually I eat at work so these are nice and portable, too, but is perfect for at home as well!


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