Friday, February 24, 2017


I literally lol'd at this when I saw it on my Facebook news feed the other day, so I felt the need to share with you all today!

Can y'all believe it's the last Friday in February? January always drags by so s-l-o-w and then February zips by so quickly every year, but I'm not complaining! Another month closer to SUMMER! I am so ready for some summer nights out on our back patio, and I am hoping to hang out bistro lights up out there somehow this year. Bistro lights are my absolute favorite.
Here is a picture of them on our apartment deck.

I think everyone (especially me lol) has talked about it this past week, but THE.WEATHER. 
It is supposed to be 80 today...and I could not be happier about that! Sadly, it's going to storm tonight and a cool front is moving in, so I am soaking up every second of this warmer weather today! The trees at work started blooming this week and there are buttercups popping up everywhere. 

Reagan is so excited for warmer weather and our nightly walks! She made sure to say hi to every neighbor out walking last night lol. 

Since it is going to be cooler this weekend I am making a big crock pot of chili Saturday night and we are hoping to have a lazy night in, probably with the fire going since it will be in the 20's tomorrow night (are you tired of me complaining about the cooler weather coming this weekend yet?? ;))

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. This weather has been glorious!! It better not get cold again, because that would be so disappointing!!! Happy weekend!

  2. The weather has been so nice here I don't even want to check the forecast because I don't want to know if it is going to change! haha But yes Feb almost over so that much closer to summer!

  3. LOVE that CFA quote. So true. haha I can't get over this amazing weather, either and am trying to not think about the storm & cold temps coming in tonight/tomorrow.

  4. Yes to that Chick fil A quote!!! That place is soooo good!

  5. I died with that chick-fil-a quote! So funny!! My mom was telling me it's supposed to get really cold... that is going to be rough - good luck! Hope y'all have a great weekend :)

  6. The chick-fil-a graphic is the best haha! That's exactly how I feel! And I'm so sad for the cold weather. At least it's only going to be Saturday, right?
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  7. LOL I posted that CFA funny on twitter the other day, too. Cracked me up! So true ;) I'm right there with ya girl, so ready for warmer weather!!! :)

  8. I genuinely laugh out loud every time I see that Chick Fil A meme. If only it were true, haha.


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