Friday, March 24, 2017


Spring is here and I have been enjoying afternoons out on the patio reading while Reagan plays and we wait for Matthew to get home from work! Fingers crossed the warmer weather is here to stay!!

Monday we welcomed spring with the perfect weather and by Wednesday it was back in the mid 50's. Thankfully it has warmed back up!

Tuesday afternoon we had some strong storms come through but they passed through pretty quickly. They did cause a lot of damage for some people, unfortunately. After work Tuesday I went to Murfreesboro to meet my best friends for dinner. We decided to try a new place in town that had just opened. We went to Puckett's for dinner and Hattie Jane's Creamery for dessert. 
They were both really, really good and I told we need to go there together very soon. 
I got their bbq and it was delicious.

Hattie Jane's Creamery was right next door to Puckett's so we just walked over. All of their ice cream is homemade in the store, and after about 3 different samples I finally decided on the "donut cream". Turns out they seep bits of donuts hole from one of my all time favorite donut places in Murfreesboro, Donut Country, into that ice was to die for!
It was a fun girls night with these two! It always makes me miss spending just about everyday with them when we were growing up. Thank goodness for our group message that we use just about everyday now!!

It's been one week since Reagan's surgery and I am more than happy to report that she is doing great and pretty much back to her normal self! We are still keeping her baby onesie on her when we aren't there during the day and during the night while we sleep, and so far it has worked! She still thinks that she can't go down the stairs in it lol so she'll just sit there and wait for me to bring her down...spoiled.
 She ate her dinner on the patio last night because the weather was so nice! She would probably stay out there all night if she could, girl loves the backyard.


  1. That ice cream sounds delicious! Happy Friday!

  2. That onesie still gets me - too funny she won't go down the stairs with it on. :) That ice cream sounds amazing - yum!

  3. Always love trying new restaurants- those looked like fun!! I absolutely love your front door!!

  4. Yay!! So glad Reagan is doing so much better!! Sounds like you had a fun week - minus the storms. Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend :)

  5. Love everything here and so glad your sweet pup is doing ok! Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend! Xo


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