Monday, March 6, 2017


I have started picking our groceries up on Thursday afternoons to avoid all the Friday afternoon craziness. As I was unloading our groceries I realized we eat a lot of turkey. Anyone else eat turkey instead of ground beef? 

Saturday morning I helped my FIL out with a conference downtown. It was a great event and
I got to meet a lot of new people! I also got to meet and have my picture taken with Scott Hamilton. All proceeds from the conference Saturday morning went to his foundation. If you haven't read his story, you can read it here. He is a very inspiring man

Saturday night we went to trivia night at my husbands elementary/high school! We had dinner from one of my local favorites and then it was trivia time. We didn't win, sadly, but it was a lot of fun!

Sunday we went to church and lunch with my in-laws and then headed over to my parents house for the afternoon. My sister is in the process of redoing her room and I am so excited to see it when she finishes! She is going with the rustic look and it's going to look adorable. She and my dad are going to build a small coffee table and end tables for her room. 

Matthew's birthday is THIS Saturday so that means it is officially his BIRTHDAY WEEK! 


  1. We eat a good amount of turkey but we buy beef too. It just depends on what I'm making ;) How cool that you met Scott Hamilton! Love that guy :)

  2. AHHHH, You met Scott Hamilton. That is so cool! He was my favorite skater when I was younger. I remember watching him with my mom years ago! What a great opportunity.

  3. Yes, I try and use more ground turkey then beef.

    Fun you got to meet Scott Hamilton! I love him, he such a nice man and wonderful inspiration!

  4. So neat you were able to meet Scott Hamilton!! We use ground turkey instead of beef in our chili recipes :)

  5. We eat more turkey than beef too.
    and it's awesome that you met Scott Hamilton! He does have a very inspirational story

  6. What a fun weekend!! We eat more turkey - I'm thankful it doesn't taste too bad either ;) They have this really good microwave turkey bacon that if you over cook, it's amazing! I'll have to snap you a picture. Can't wait to see your sister's room! Happy Birthday week, Matthew!!

  7. I think you have convinced me I need to eat more turkey!


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