Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Reagan is 6 months old today! Although, we've only had her with us 4 months (the 14th of this month!) we can't imagine not having her. She is the sweetest, smartest, friendliest, cuddliest dog and she could not have us wrapped around her paw any tighter! If y'all think I'm crazy about her Matthew is about 10 time's crazier about her, and it is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen.

And now for some of my favorite pictures of our girl, so basically, all of them...

We picked Reagan up at 6 weeks tiny!
This was the night we brought her home. I didn't get any pictures on our trip home because it was dark already, but we got home and gave her a tour of her new home, and then let her eat, and later snuggled until bedtime.

The next morning we had our first (of many) photoshoots.
Now I'm crying...she was so tiny. She made her debut on the blog, here.
Exploring her new backyard- she loved it (& still does!)

Over the next couple of weeks we started finding our routine, and what worked and what didn't work. Growing up I never had an inside dog, so I was really nervous about finding our groove with Reagan, but I am happy to say it just happened, and thankfully it didn't take too long. She is such a good dog, and was sleeping through the night by 8 weeks old. Every now and then her routine will get thrown off and she will wake up and want to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but as long as we get her to go to the bathroom before we go to bed, she sleeps through the whole night. Over the past month she has gotten even cuddlier when she's tired and it makes for the sweetest bedtime snuggles with our girl! 

She fell asleep sitting up and then just laid her head over...I can't even
Side's our favorite!

Hanging out with dad when he was working from home one afternoon.
 One of her earlier vet visits!
No joke, she fell asleep like this. It's one of my favorite pictures!
one of my favorite pictures of us three!

 Her favorite time of the day is when dad gets home. Even now, all I have to say is "Reagan, daddy's home" and she goes crazy and runs to the door and watches for him. It's the cutest thing. 

We celebrated Halloween soon after we brought her home, and she fit in one of my pumpkin decor pieces. Sadly, I don't think she'll fit in it this Halloween lol.
 If you can't tell already, sleeping pictures are some of my favorite.

We celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas 


Had her first real grooming appointment back in early January
and it wore her out!
Had her first (& only so far) snow day and LOVED it
 Loves hanging out in my lap while I get ready every morning
 How she lets us know when she wants to play lol
 Celebrated her first Valentine's Day
 And she whines every night while I'm making dinner until I pick her up and hold her. I've learned how to cook one handed pretty well now ;)

And now for our 6 month photoshoot (bless my poor future children)
She just got groomed this past Saturday so her hair is really short. Matthew loves her short hair but I'm a fan of her longer hair lol but she's still adorable. As you can tell I couldn't just pick one picture, I love them all. 
Also, this past month she has developed an underbite and it's the cutest/funniest thing!! 
It doesn't show all the time, but when it does we always get the biggest kick out of it. They left the hair around her mouth a little longer this past time, so next time we'll have to remember to tell them to cut that area shorter too. 

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  1. She is the sweetest little thing! I love how you love on her!

  2. Happy 6 months, Reagan!! She is so adorable - so crazy she was so small when she came home, she doesn't look like she would be so much bigger until you see the pictures. So glad she's been doing so well!

  3. She is too cute - it amazes me how different she looks with those few side by side comparisons! Her face turned more gray than black - but oh my goodness, so stinkin adorable! :) That adorable underbite!!

  4. She is the cutest thing ever! Makes me want a puppy!!!


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