Thursday, March 16, 2017


Yesterday morning images started coming out of the famous mural here in Nashville that had been vandalized over night. Not just vandalized but completely ruined, from different news articles that I have read it appears to be covered with a "tar-like sealant that will need to be scraped off".  I don't want to share any images of the mural as it is now, because that's probably what the person who did this wants, but if you want to read the story you can find it, here.

This month marked the 5 year anniversary of the iconic mural and they were planning on having a celebration for it on the 25th of this month, according to their blog, the mural will be repainted and ready for the celebration, but it just saddens me to know that someone would do this to such beautiful artwork. Someone took their own personal time and talent to paint that mural and it was destroyed in a matter of seconds by someone who has no appreciation, respect, or love for this town and that is just an absolute shame.

That mural is what we used to share the news on social media that Matthew accepted a job here in Nashville and that this city would become our new home. 

Tons of famous people, tourist, and Nashvillians have had their picture taken in front of this mural and I'm excited to see that they will repaint it very soon! 

Have you ever been to Nashville and had your picture taken in front of this mural? If you are planning a visit to Nashville soon check out this article and this article, they list all of the murals to see around downtown.


  1. Some people will just do things for the sake of being a grumpy, sad human being... that's definitely no excuse but it makes me angry! I'm with ya. I'm glad to hear they will be repainting it!

  2. That's so sad! I love that you aren't showing the pictures and I am so happy to hear that they plan on repainting so quickly!

  3. Why are people so horrible? Also, I must have the worst timing every because I'm headed to Nashville for the first time this weekend and was really looking forward to seeing this mural

  4. I loved that mural and it was on my to-do list to get a picture with it when we visited. So awful someone would vandalize it so bad :( I'm glad it'll be re-painted and ready to go for the anniversary

  5. I was just in Nashville a few days ago!


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