Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Do you ever have those moments where you're looking at clothes online and you just know? You just know all your money is about to be spent on them? You're all "oh, that's cute" and "yep. There it goes. Take all my money" and then you're all "no no, you need to be good and save your money" and "I mean do you really need that dress/shirt/pair of shoes?" and then you're all like "oh yes, they are on sale, come home to mama" Those were my exact thoughts last week while looking at some adorable spring clothes online. Darn you good deals and cute clothes!


  1. Lol, your thoughts about shopping made my giggle this morning. That is my exact thought process every time I go shopping! I have been itching to go spring clothes shopping. This might be the weekend I do that. I love all of your picks!

  2. I have been dying to pick up some new clothes since I have been online browsing! So I feel that yup take all my money vibe right now! I want summer here so I can get new clothes haha

  3. I have those exact thoughts every time I shop... lol Those items you picked are super cute!!

  4. CUTE! Love that ruffle sleeve top from J Crew factory!

  5. Aw yes! Feeling the exact way about spring clothes.. So I'm prohibiting myself from looking so I don't spend money!!


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