Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Matthew and I had both taken off some for our 2nd anniversary. We had thrown around the idea of going somewhere but decided to just stay home and have a staycation. The Thursday before our anniversary we were sitting at the table eating dinner and I brought up the idea of going somewhere for a few days, and Matthew suggested Charleston. I was all for Charleston since I've never been there and I have heard so many wonderful things about the area. Literally an hour later we had confirmed plans with my in-laws for Reagan to stay with them, our hotel was booked, and we already had a list of things going that we wanted to see/do in Charleston. We are not spontaneous people by any means lol. Last year we booked our cruise at least 6-7 months in advance, I make detailed packing lists, I make a few stops at the store the week before we go on trips to pick up last minute items, I make about 10 to-do lists, etc. So as you can imagine about two hours after we decided everything I kind of freaked out a little bit, but Matthew assured me everything would be fine and we would have a good time....and he was exactly right! Who knew we could be spontaneous?!? ! ;) We do have a little work on our spontaneity though, I forgot my all my shirts hanging up on a guest bedroom door at home and we forgot Matthew's belt. Thankfully there was a Target 6 minutes from our hotel so a few new shirts and new belt it was! ;)

Saturday morning we met my MIL to drop Reagan off with her before we grabbed some breakfast and hit the road.

We decided to go through Johnson City on our way to Charleston to see my BIL, Nathan. We got to Johnson City Saturday afternoon and hung out with him for the rest of the day. We went to his campus, went to the movies, and then got Mexican for dinner at his favorite place there. We had a great time and appreciated him letting us stay with him on our way through! Also a big thank you to him for letting us borrow his GoPro. We are OBSESSED and want our own now lol.

The only picture I took while we were in Johnson City...it was like we were back in school again!

Sunday morning we woke up early and hit the road. When I realized we were going to be driving through Asheville I immediately remembered that Christina has mentioned multiple times about a place downtown that they always stop at for breakfast, so we decided to try it. The Early Girl Eatery was delicious and an adorable little place to eat. Thankfully we only had a 10 minute wait!! I got the ham and cheese biscuit and Matthew got the Southern Breakfast. I had the local homemade blackberry jam as well with my biscuit and it was absolutely incredible!!

After breakfast we were back on the road to Charleston with road trip snack in hand

We arrived early Sunday afternoon and got checked into our hotel and rested for a bit before we headed out to to Target to get me some shirts and Matthew a belt lol. After that we headed down to Waterfront park to explore a bit!
 I was excited to finally see the Pineapple fountain!

We decided to walk downtown for dinner since we were so close already. Matthew really wanted to eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company so off we were. It was delicious and we didn't have to wait at all thankfully! After dinner we were beat so we headed back to the hotel for the night. A storm was rolling in so we didn't want to get caught in it anyways. It stormed all night and it was honestly so peaceful, I was out soon after my head hit the pillow that night!

And that's our first day in Charleston! I'll share day 2 tomorrow.


  1. That's awesome that you decided to make the trip! It looks beautiful and sounds so relaxing! That pineapple fountain is amazing.

  2. Ohhh just one of my favorite places in the entire world! Absolutely love!

  3. That's so much fun y'all planned this so spontaneous! And you definitely had to see the pineapple fountain first!

  4. I love that you guys just up and went like that - sometimes those trips are the best time!

  5. How fun! We did Charleston and Savannah as our first anniversary trip.


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