Wednesday, August 2, 2017


I recapped our first day in Charleston yesterday, and today I am recapping our 2nd day. We woke up and it was pouring down rain so we switched our plans around a little. We went to breakfast at Early Bird Diner (highly recommend!) and it was hands down, the best french toast I have ever had. Matthew got chicken and waffles and said it was amazing. Such a cute little locally owned place, too.

We wanted to see the Angel Oak Tree, and even though it was still pouring we decided to go see it with hopes that the rain would let up. We got there and there were still people there but they weren't letting people go see it because they were afraid of damaging the roots. So no pictures, but we did get to see her in all her glory! Such a beautiful tree, even in the rain. After we left there we headed to the Harbor for our boat ride to tour Fort Sumter. Matthew was really excited about touring Fort Sumter, and I actually ended up liking it a lot better than I thought I would. It was really cool to see and hear all about where the Civil War began. Get ready for picture overload

When we arrived it was pouring down rain and we weren't so sure how the day was going to go, but thankfully it stopped raining on our boat ride over to Fort Sumter.

We took this boat over to Fort Sumter

It's hard to believe this place used to be three stories high at one point!!

After we toured Fort Sumter we came took the boat back and toured USS Yorktown CV-10. That was also really cool to see. It is incredibly large and they have it set up like it was before they retired it.

After touring both of those locations we headed back to the hotel to rest and change for dinner. We decided to drive over to Folly Beach, since it was so close, for dinner and to walk along the beach.

We were both craving pizza so we decided on Woody's Pizza and it was pretty good, nothing special, but not bad!

After dinner we drove down to the beach. We loved the little town so much that we both decided that we want to come back and stay somewhere in Folly Beach by the water one day.

It was a beautiful evening, wasn't very crowded, and the weather was amazing! 
I'll share our third day in Charleston tomorrow.


  1. How neat - Fort Sumter looks really cool, as does that boat!!! I love that they had it set up as it would have been!

  2. Sounds like a great day!! I'm glad the rain let up so you all could enjoy your tour!

  3. How much fun!! I don't ever remember going to Ft Sumter but we did the Yorktown when I was a kid - I'd love to do both again one day!!

  4. This looks like a blast! I've always lived on the West Coast so I have a whole list of places on the East Coast I'd like to visit. I've only been to DC/Virginia once and fell in love. South Carolina looks amazing!! One day!


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