Monday, June 23, 2014

THE best weekend!

1. This time next week I will be waking up beach view!!
2. I had THE best weekend.
3. Summer is in full swing and I am loving it.
4. My apartment is almost finished!!
As I have mentioned a few times, this past weekend was pretty great. My two best friends came up Friday afternoon and stayed until Saturday afternoon.
 Whenever we get together it is always a good time. We had dinner at one of our favorite burger places here in Cookeville called Flippin' Burger and it did not disappoint! Later we went to get ice cream at Cream City and walked around the square since it was so nice out Friday night!
We finished up the night tackling a few DIY projects for my apartment and talking away. 
Saturday we made a trip to Hobby Lobby to get an adorable canvas I have had my eye on for my bedroom and then to Sonic and Wal-Mart for some groceries. My family was coming up Saturday afternoon so I wanted to make them dinner since it was their first time seeing my new apartment. Kathleen helped me a little with dinner while Sarah painted her nails lol.
 After the girls left I straightened up the apartment a little and put dinner in the oven. My family arrived right after I took it out of the oven. I gave them a little tour of my apartment and we sat around and talked for a little bit. Then we ate dinner and it was delicious!!
Daddy and Matthew did some handy work and hung up some shelves around my apartment. We made a trip to Wal-Mart to look for more shelves but they were out so we headed to Lowes but didn't find any there for a reasonable price, so daddy took measurements and is going to look at the stores back home.
Daddy also took some measurements for my headboard that we are going to make! I am SO excited and can't wait for it to be finished!
We had a good time and I am so happy my family was able to finally see my new apartment :)
 Out on my back deck!
Overall it was a great weekend and now I am ready to get this work week over and head on down to Florida with my family!

Check back tomorrow for a delicious recipe!!


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