Monday, June 9, 2014

Currently loving

That Matthew passed the first part of the CPA exam! His 8-10 hours of studying every day have paid off! He got his score early Saturday morning and we are celebrating tonight!!
He is 1/4th a CPA, ha! 1 test down and 3 more to go!! :)
That there are only 2 more Mondays before vacation and 9 actual work days, but who is counting ;)
I see myself leaving the office just like this on that Friday when vacation starts.
Friday Night Lights/Coach Taylor
I started watching this over a week ago and I am almost finished with season 1 ,
My back deck!
It's not completely finished but he is a picture of it so far! The fourth chair and umbrella for the table are not pictured. My friend, Ethan, put the lights up for me a couple of weeks ago while Matthew was taking his test so I could surprise him when he got back! I love how they turned out!! It's a small deck but I am working with what I have and I love it!
Decorating my apartment!
I love love love finding new things to decorate with! I have been looking for a tray to put on my coffee table and I have my eye on two at good ole Hobby Lobby.
I absolutely love this one, the middle is chalkboard so I could use my chalk markers on it and change it up when ever I wanted to but my coffee table is white so I'm just not sure it would look that great, white on white.
The other one I found would match my living room perfectly. The shade of blue is spot on but then again I don't want an overload of chevron in there. So what do y'all think? The white one or blue chevron one??



  1. I love the white one! that way if you ever move or change anything, this one will match :)

    xo. Kailagh

  2. Those lights on your desk are SERIOUSLY amazefest!!!!

  3. Aww, I LOVE your deck! Looks so relaxing out there :) We need new lighting on our deck- I think it would make me want to use it more hehe! Also, congrats to Matthew on the exam! Hoping the next 3 go just as well!!!


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