Friday, June 20, 2014

Five on Friday

This time next week I will be counting down the hours until vacation!
This week has been very busy!
Monday night we went with the SOC to Short Mountain Bible Camp. It's a little over an hour away but the ride on the bus was fun. The SOC was responsible for the high school night and the devo. Our campus minister, Scott, gave the devotional and then we waited to play a game with them later that night. This is the view we had while Scott was giving the devo..
Absolutely breath taking!
Tuesday night I decided to drive home to see my younger sister's softball game! All three of them had a game in one night! They played a great game and it was sooooo good to be back at the ball field.
That is the place I spent a good portion of my summer nights growing up, from practices to games and tournaments to going and watching friends play when I didn't have a game. It just felt like home y'all! My two best friends came over to the game to watch as well, it really was like old times.
Those two girls up there ^ are coming up this afternoon and staying until Saturday afternoon and I am so stinkin excited!! This will be there first time seeing my new apartment and I'm hoping they can help me decorate it! A girls night with them is way overdue!
My family is also coming up this weekend!! They are coming up Saturday afternoon! This will also be their first time seeing my new apartment. I am SO excited! I cleaned the apt Wednesday night and last night, so it is now spotless! Matthew also put some of the shelves up in my bathroom last night, so it's all coming together!! Daddy is bringing up certain type of bolts to hang my windows, and hopefully put up a shelf in my laundry room. He is going to measure my bed and then we are going to start on my headboard!! I showed Daddy a few tutorials and he said he could make one, awww yeah!
#sKaapartment is coming together y'all!
Last week I was trying to decide on a tray for my coffee table. I had narrowed it down to two different ones at Hobby Lobby.  I ended up going with the white one and I LOVE IT.
It's chalkboard so I got my chalk pens and went to work the night I bought it!! Love how it turned out and that I can change it whenever I want! I'm looking for a cute July 4th design to do next week ;)
This week was definitely busy, I haven't been to bed before midnight all week and I probably won't this weekend either but I'm not really complaining. Life is fun!

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  1. SO many exciting things! :) Question! The chalkboard do you erase the board when you want to write something new on it? Is it simple? Messy? I've been wanting to get some but didn't know what they were like!


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