Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Anniversary weekend

Last Thursday on our anniversary I had to work, sadly so
Thursday afternoon when I got off I rushed back to my apartment to change and get ready.
I walked into my apartment and saw the prettiest flowers on my table
We went to dinner at a local restaurant here in Cookeville called Char and it was delicious. It was our first time eating there and needless to say it was well worth it!
 After we ate we still had awhile before our movie started so we went back to my apartment and watched HGTV and I dozed off on the couch (seriously, I am like 60). I also gave Matthew his anniversary present, I honestly had no idea what to get him.
I searched for weeks and then came across the idea of putting his graduation cap and gown in a shadow box and LOVED it.
While he was in Huntsville taking the first part of the CPA, I went over to his apartment and grabbed it out of his closet. His Beta Alpha Psi cords and stole are red and black, so it makes Tech's school colors look red and black but they aren't. They are purple and gold!
When he graduates in December I will put his second cap and gown and hood in a shadow box and when he has an office in our home one day we will hang these on this wall with his two degrees and certifications in the middle!

Our movie, The Million Dollar Arm, started at 10pm and it was SO GOOD! If you are wanting to see a good baseball movie then we definitely recommend it!
After the movie I was EXHAUSTED! Matthew dropped me off at my apartment and I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.
Friday I had doctor appts in Nashville, so back after I scheduled the appts I looked at the Nashville Sounds schedule to see if they had a game that night, since we would already be in Nashville and they did!! I got us tickets to see them play that night at 7.
We ate dinner at a cute little burger place called The Pharmacy. Here are a few pictures from their website...
It was the cutest little place to eat at!! I had heard many many great things about it but when we drove up to it I was a little skeptical but it just goes to prove, you can't judge a book by it's cover. They have a small dining area inside but most people that come through want to eat outside and we definitely wanted to eat outside. We ate under the covered patio (the top right picture, up there).
The burgers were amazing and huge and I couldn't finish my meal. We wanted to try one of their famous milkshakes but there was no way we could even think about trying to drink a milkshake after eating that.
After we ate we headed to the Sounds game! It was starting to get cloudy and it looked like it was going to rain, I had checked the weather before and brought my rain jacket and Matthew brought his umbrella.
It did end up raining some during the game but it wasn't too bad and stopped shortly after it started and out came the prettiest rainbow!
We sat on the second row for most of the game but then realized there was no one coming to sit in the first row so we moved down for more leg room!
They played a great game and won!
It started out pretty hot but by the middle of the game it was feeling pretty good out!

On Friday nights after their games they always have a firework show and we stayed to watch
After the game we stopped at Sonic to get half price milkshakes!
We had so much fun celebrating our 4 years together, I honestly can't think of anyone else I would rather be with.


  1. What an awesome anniversary!!! All that food looks amazing, by the way!!!

  2. Drooling over here. Looks like a wonderful anniversary!! Happy 4 years!


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