Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Our second married Valentine's Day is in the books and it was so sweet and fun, and since this is my online scrapbook/diary I wanted to document it.

I loved seeing everyone's Valentine's Day posts yesterday, they were all so sappy and sweet and I LOVED them! I had planned on waking up early and making Matthew a special Valentine's Day breakfast, but our alarm didn't go off for some reason so we over slept a little bit, so sadly we didn't have time for a breakfast together. I told him I would make it up to him this weekend! 

After work Matthew picked me up at my office and our best friends, Ethan and Rachel, met us as well and we all headed to dinner. Matthew and Ethan got together back before Christmas and planned to take me and Rachel to see the play, The Sound Of Music, at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) here in Nashville on Valentine's Day. So when I opened my stocking on Christmas I found the tickets and we have been counting down the days since then!

We ate at Amerigo, a delicious Italian restaurant, that we all love (and go to often lol) for dinner and then headed downtown for the play. Rachel's mom was able to get us a parking pass in the parking garage (for free!) right across from TPAC, which was absolutely great because it was pouring down rain after the show. We had plenty of time after dinner before the show started so we walked around the capitol hotel/building and grabbed a few pictures!

The play was absolutely incredible and now I want to watch the movie again! I could not get over how beautiful the backdrops were throughout the entire show. I love The Sound of Music movie with Julie Andrews, and now that I have seen the play I love it even more. I also want to watch the one that Carrie Underwood did a few years ago. 

It was a wonderful show and we had the best time! Matthew gave me a beautiful necklace for Valentine's Day and I gave him a new phone case and new toiletry bag. Matthew definitely went with a traditional Valentine's Day gift and I went for the more practical-non-romantic gift this year lol.

I love you always and all ways, Valentine!


  1. Hahaha I also bought a phone case as a gift!! We were on the same page! The performance sounds fabulous, as does the dinner.

  2. Perfect Valentine's Day!! :) I LOVE the Sound of Music, so good live!!

  3. How fun!! Love the idea of dinner & a play with friends! Sounds like a wonderful day :)

  4. How much fun!! So neat y'all went to the show with your friends! I'll definitely tell my parents y'all loved it - they're going on Saturday!!

  5. It sounds like a perfect Valentines Day! I love broadway shows and musicals :)


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