Monday, February 4, 2013

27 & 26 Days of Things I Love

Well I already failed this test...I forgot to post yesterday on day 27 (I actually planned on writing it last night after Matthew went home but I fell asleep on our couch..oops!)
So this one will have two days in one!
Day 2 of Things I Love: Hot Rollers
I absolutely love hot rollers!! I have super thick and super straight hair and to actually be able to find something that will work to curl my hair is so fun. One of the things I love most about the hot rollers is that it doesn't take long at all. I just layer my hair into sections and start adding them into my hair. I usually let them sit for about 5 to 6 mins and while they are sitting I begin on my make up.
Here they are!
 Remington is a great brand in my opinion.

Day 3 of Things I Love: Get Togethers
I am probably the chessiest person and I don't really care.
I LOVE when we have get togethers with our friends and I usually try to turn every get together into something fun and festive with some type of decorations.
We decided to invite our best friend Kathleen over and her boyfriend Braden over to watch the Super Bowl. On the menu was hot dogs, chili (Matthews mom made it. It was DELICIOUS and just hit the spot!) chili and cookies!
I looked on Pinterest to find some ideas and with little time I had this was the best I could do.
I used a empty soup can and spray painted it brown and just painted the white stripes on it.

 I bought oreo cookies and used cookie icing on the top to create a football.
 I was so excited to finally use my pottery dish I had made a couple of weeks ago.
My football oreos!

All the tasty food!

It is so so wonderful to have close friends and to be able to get togher and have a good time.
We had a great night and I am already planning another themed get together. I am thinking Breakfast Club.

We ended up watching Pitch Perfect...such a great decision.
We did catch the last 6 seconds of the game.

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