Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 25 of Things I Love

Day 25 of Things I Love: My job
I started working at Bank of America back in July. It was a huge transition from the daycare and I am still learning new things at work every single day.
Today I found out that I will be transfered to another BOA location. When I first was told I was so upset I could have cried. I have been at this location since early July and I have grown to love the women I work with. I am so grateful everyday for all their help and patience with me as I trained for the job and even now. As I was being told that I would have to transfer I was upset and began to get a little angry but I then realized that I am so very lucky to have a job in this day and age.
Everyday I come face to face with customers who have lost their job or who are looking desperately for a job.
How can I be upset when I have a good paying job with amazing benefits? 
So long story short I am still a little disappointed that I have to move but I am so very grateful to have a job and I am looking forward to making new friendships and meeting new customers as I begin this next stage in my life! 

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