Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 24 of Things I Love

Day 24 of Things I Love: My tv shows
There are a few shows that I watch every week. I might not get to watch them when they come on that night but thank the Lord for DVR!!
Lets see here...
Monday nights: The Bachelor

OH MY GOSH...Sean Lowe
...need I say more?
I am actually watching it right now and they are in Canada. Jealous.
Tuesday nights: Pretty Little Liars
This show came out the summer before my senior year of high school and I was hooked right away. Even though it's probably considered a high school show for young teen girls I am still hooked on this murder mystery/drama!
Wednesday nights: Duck Dynasty
How could you not love them? They are a member of the church, the show is totally kid friendly, they are country and have morals and of course the beards...but I have to say what I think I love most about the show is the ladies of the show.
 My favorite is Si of course.
I have to admit I didn't watch the first season when it came on Wednesday nights but I was sick one day recently and Matthew brought over the first season and we watched it and I fell in love with the beards.
Thursday nights: Vampire Diaries
Stefan & Damon Salvatore...hot vampires? I'll take it.
 Me and my dad both love this show and we both watch it each week. Not only do I love this show but I love the bonding I get with my dad over this show!
Now that I think about it I watch a lot of shows...oops!
What are your favorite shows?

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