Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 19 & 18 of Things I Love

Day 19 of Things I Love: Cricut
Here recently I have became obsessed with the Cricut. I have been doing as much research on it as I can. I am SO excited to start working on it and creating new and cute things!
It is actually my mom's machine so yesterday she gave me a little lesson on how to use it and this is what we made...

We used the cartridge Celebrate with Flourish

Love this one! It has everything to do with holidays.
We have the Cricut Expression

Like I said I am still learning.
Make sure to keep checking back as I will post about my learning process on this
wonderful machine.
Day 18 of Things I Love: Pinterest
I discovered Pinterest back in the summer of 2010 and
Fast forward to now and I have
51 Boards
5,715 Pins
I have made so many crafts and learned so many useful tips and tricks off of Pinterest.
I usually get on there daily and I even have the app for my IPhone.
To be honest it sometimes gets me in trouble and I just have to put my phone down.
Pinterest is also where I post all of my blog posts.
So if you are not following me on Pinterest...follow me!

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