Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just a few things

Well obviously I haven't been on here in a few days and that's because my blog is getting a makeover...thanks to a very sweet and talented lady & I am SO excited!! So keep a look out for more updates on my blog makeover :)
But just a few things from the past few days...
1. I recently found out I am going to my first ever hockey game!
This time of year hockey is pretty big with some people & I have never joined in on all the fun but on March 8th I will be!
Go Preds!
2. On spring break we are going on a little road trip!
I am going to Memphis with Matthew and his family for a couple of days, to tour the University of Memphis (for his twin bro Nathan)
Now if you know me then you KNOW I love any kind of road trip. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do.
 Anytime I get to pack my Vera Bradley and hit the road I am a happy girl.
So today I am deciding on what all I am going to wear on the trip and then organize my packing list!
3. I bought green skinny jeans yesterday.
I was just stopping by Walmart to get a few things and I just so happened to walk by the woman's section of clothing and there they were.
Right up front & ON SALE. It was a done deal.
They were the exact shade of green I have been looking for and even better they were only $11.00
I have been looking all over for the right shade of green and at a reasonable price (college budget here)
So I immediately found the size I needed and headed straight to the dressing room.
I am not really picky where I buy my clothes from as long they are appropriate and at a reasonable price. (I will search all over for the best price before I buy something)
I left Walmart yesterday with a smile on my face.
As soon as church is over tonight I am jetting back to the house to get cozy and watch the premier of season three!
Will you be watching the premier of season 3 tonight?

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