Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 22 & 21 of Things I Love

Oops! I forgot to post yesterday. So here it goes!
Day 22 of Things I Love: Rotel Cheese Dip
Is it bad that most of my posts are about food? Oh well.
One of my favorite (unhealthy) meals is Rotel cheese dip! Probably because it is SO incredibly easy to make.
All you need is:
Velveeta Cheese (1 block)
1 Can of Ro*tel diced tomatoes
 and since me and Matthew don't really like tomatoes we pour the whole can into the blender and puree it first THEN pour it over the cut up cheese blocks (in a microwave safe bowl)
Seriously it is so EASY.
 After that you just heat it up in the microwave one minute at a time and stir it after each minute.
Here is our cheese dip and chips from this past Sunday for the Super Bowl
Day 21 of Things I Love: (Colored) Skinny Jeans
Here lately I have been obsessed with colored skinny jeans. They have been popular since probably last spring and when they first came out I wasn't too impressed with them, I'm not sure why, I just wasn't.
I have been on the hunt for a good deal on red skinny jeans (I am a bargain shopper and I hardly ever buy any clothes unless they are on sale or I have a coupon)
Well yesterday I was doing some online shopping and I found them! I found the PERFECT pair of red skinny jeans. I found them at Kohl's. They are put out by LC Lauren Conrad.
They are regular $54.99 and they were on sale for $29.00 AND
I found a promo code for 15% off.
They will be here no later than the 14th...Just in time for Valentine's Day.
So excited to mix and match different tops with them!
Here are some other colored pants I'm in love with.
My next search is going to be for green.
Just in time for st. Patricks day!

I found some other really cute colors at Kohl's but after I read their description I found out they were jeggings.
Not a fan of jeggings. At all.
What are your favorite color pants?


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  1. I just found them at Walmart clearanced for $11 from LEI. Thanks for the ideas on mixing them with neutrals, love it with camel!


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