Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 6 & 7 of Things I Love

Day 6 of Things I Love: Trying new recipes

Last night I went over to the boyfriends house and his mom had a new recipe for us to try!
I was so excited. His mom is the queen of the kitchen, give her any recipe and she can make it.
She found a recipe for Alfredo Sauce. She put the men to grilling and we stayed in the kitchen! I am not even going to try to take any credit for this because she created the masterpiece as I watched, ha!
 Here is the delicious turnout
and here is the delicious recipe...

Original recipe makes 4 servings

1/4 cup butter

1 cup heavy cream

1 clove garlic, crushed

1 1/2 cups freshly grated Parmesan cheese

1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley

Melt butter in a medium saucepan over medium low heat.
Add cream and simmer for 5 minutes, then add garlic and cheese and
whisk quickly, heating through.
 Stir in parsley and serve.
Then his momma had a small recipe for some bread to go along with the meal
you need

Use half of the cream cheese and a little of the dressing mix.
Mix together in a bowl
and then spread on the bread

then sprinkle Mozzarella cheese on top
throw in the over until cheese melts and that's all!

It turned out SO good and went perfectly with the meal.
Thank you to Matthew's parents for having us for dinner and thank you to his momma for teaching me how to cook this wonderful meal!! I am going to have to add it to my recipe book!!



Day 7 of Things I Love: THE WALKING DEAD
Need I say more?
We started season 1 last Friday night and by Sunday night we had already finished the first season...oops!
Matthew is already on season 3!!!! I haven't watched anymore this week so I will be catching up this weekend.
I must say it is VERY intense and graphic, very very graphic.
I do NOT recommend you watching this around small children, as it has even given me a few nightmare already, ha!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!


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