Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 23 of Things I Love

Day 23 of Things I Love: Monogram!!
"My rule is, if it's not moving - monogram it." -- Reese Witherspoon
This literally is SO true for me and my sister. We LOVE all things monogrammed.
I just think it is so classy/southern looking. This past Christmas a lot of my gifts were monogrammed...and I loved it.
Here are a few Christmas presents that were monogrammed
My mom's friend does all of our monogramming for us for a very decent price and we are so grateful.
I picked this tote out at Hobby Lobby for just $11.00
 The adorable cake carrier from my aunt and uncle. She ordered it off of Etsy!
$5.00 solid color fleece scarves from Wal-Mart.

LOVE it all

My cute Ipone charger sticker.

I have never had a personalized license plate so when I opend this Christmas morning I was over flowing with happiness.

Seriously in LOVE with my monogrammed May Design planner
that Matthew got me for Christmas!!

Wish List of monogrammed things:
This adorable belt
Need this for fall of 2013

Such a cute tote and love the colors.

Just what my car needs...

How could you not love/want a coffee mug like this?!

Would make such a cute wedding gift!

I even have a board on Pinterest just for monogram...make sure you follow me!


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