Friday, January 9, 2015


Welcome to the second Friday of the year! I don't know about y'all but it feels like it's been months since Christmas. I feel like everything has been happening so fast here lately. In a way I'm excited, you know the quicker the time starts the quicker we will be married. Then again, I want it all to slow down. I want to take in this sweet, sweet time of our engagement, and all of these, Lord willing, once in a life time moments.
So on to #30daysofhymns..
One of my favorite ways to worship is by singing praises. I am not a singer by any means but when it comes to singing praises I will sing. Our campus ministry has a singing night every other week. About 45-50 minutes of just plain singing. We turn the lights off and just sing our hearts out. I literally wake up EXCITED on the days of our singing nights. I actually started recording these singing nights on my phone so that I could have for later. I listen to these recordings when I'm alone most of the time. Whether it be at my apartment, on one of my hour drives to and from home, or even riding around town while running errands.
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What have I noticed from this? I'm in a much better mood. I love these songs and I love listening to them. The other night we were packing up Matthew's apartment and I found myself, without thinking, automatically turn on one of my favorite hymns and started humming along. Matthew didn't think anything of it because he knows my love for these singing nights and my love for old hymns.
Now what is #30daysofhymns?!
Starting Monday and for the next 30 days I want to post a part of a hymn. I will just include it in my regular posts on here, but I plan on posting one daily on my Instagram and Twitter account as well.
I've created the hashtag #30daysofhymns to put with each post and I would LOVE for you to join me! What better way to share some of the gospel and hopefully leave a positive impact on someone. There are no rules to this. You don't have to post everyday. It can be a picture of anything, the sunset, the sunrise, your backyard, your morning coffee, your cozy night on the couch, really anything!
Are you going to join me?? If you do, hashtag #30daysofhymns so that I can find your posts on Instagram and Twitter.
Happy Friday!

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  1. I lovelove loooooove singing nights at church! The acapella singing, the harmonies---it's so beautiful!


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