Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mondays aren't always bad

I knew I wanted to see Matthew after his first day of work, so I decided last week I would just drive home for a few hours and surprise him. On my first day of work he drove from home to Cookeville to surprise me so I had a feeling he was expecting it...and he did lol. It's okay though, I still got to see him!
His commute yesterday morning definitely took longer than he thought, he still made it to work on time but it wasn't the easiest commute in. The drive home, he said, wasn't as bad! Matthew's mom made a delicious meal and his dad grilled pork tenderloin. They also received an ice cream maker that makes it in 15 minutes for Christmas! So to celebrate his first day we had homemade ice cream and cupcakes! Seriously so good.
On my first day of work Matthew surprised me with roses. I knew I wanted to get him something small and that it definitely wouldn't be flowers ;) so I ran by good ole TJ Maxx and picked up a pack of dress socks! Boy loves his dress socks! I am just so proud of him and I can't wait to hear about his second day this afternoon!!
Also while I was there I always have to browse a little... :)
I get most ALL of my journals there. They are so cheap and SO cute! I have been wanting to pick one up so that I can start an "engagement journal" as I like to call it lol. Like I said the other day everything is already going by so fast (we've been engaged for 3 weeks already!!), and I want to be able to write it all down. I want to be able to look back in, Lord willing, 2 years, 20 years, 55 years, and more and remember every little detail of us preparing for our marriage. Maybe even share it with my daughter or granddaughter one day, who knows! I love being able to sit down and just write it all out, to me it's so relaxing. I'm so excited about this new journal.
How appropriate is the saying on this one?! I just could NOT pass it up!


  1. I love that you surprised him and got him dress socks! That's always my go-to quick gift for Caleb, he loves them! I also love that you guys made homemade ice cream!

    I know I told you yesterday but I almost bought that exact journal at tj maxx!!! It's perfect!!

  2. It's so cute that y'all visited each other on your first days of work!

  3. TJ MAXX never fails me! I love your journal, and I definitely think it's perfect for the exciting journey you are embarking on!


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