Monday, January 26, 2015

Productive weekend

Friday night we had our annual back to school night with the SOC. Every year the 1st Friday back from Christmas break we all get together and do something. Last year we rented out the Fit and then went back to the SOC house for life size jenga. This year we had junk food at the SOC house and then went to a local church's gym and everyone played all types of games. 
Matthew decided to drive up after work to surprise everyone. I knew he was coming Thursday night and was giddy all day Friday at work. Everyone was definitely surprised to see him and we all had a good time. 
They are cleaning out their apartment and Matthew already has majority of his stuff packed up and taken home, so we didn't think about where he was going to sleep. Thankfully his bed is still there with the mattress. He took some extra blankets and a pillow from my apartment for the night lol.

Saturday I woke up and we had gotten a little bit of snow
As much as I HATE winter, it's still pretty. Thankfully it warmed up throughout the day and it all melted :)
I made it home in time Saturday morning to watch my sisters second basketball game and then went to lunch with my family. After lunch I hopped on 840 and met Matthew. We were meeting with my aunt to go over wedding planning. She has grown up in the wedding industry and knows EVERYTHING about weddings and the planning process. Which is good for us because we hardly know anything, ha! Her grandmother opened a dress shop up a long time ago and then her mom took over it and runs it now. They have a ton of wedding dresses as well as prom dresses. Kim advised it probably wouldn't be good to go on a Saturday because right now because it is prime time for high school girls shopping for prom dresses and they are usually packed on Saturdays. So Kim's mom has offered to come in on a Sunday and open up the shop just for us so I can look for MY WEDDING DRESS. I am literally so excited I can't stand it. So incredibly grateful.

Kim went over everything there is to know in the planning process. From how many tables we are going to need for stuff to the flowers. I'm telling y'all, I am clueless on this stuff. Also on that Sunday we go look at dresses we are going to the flower place in Nashville, to pick out and price what we want! I honestly just want simple flowers, nothing crazy fancy or crazy expensive. Because let's face it, they are going to die. Which also leads me to the option of fake flowers. She used them in her wedding and I honestly thought they were real until she told me this past weekend. We will have a mixture of both!

Matthew received an email from the leasing manager from our apartment and she said we can come see our actual apartment this past weekend, a week sooner than planned. So after we met with Kim we booked it down there to see them before the office closed. We walked in the front office and as soon as she saw us she started apologizing. She got the apartments mixed up and the apartment across the hall from us is the one that was available to do their walk through this past weekend. BUMMER. We were pretty bummed, but on the plus side we got to see who is going to be living right across from us. They are a cute young couple!! Who knows maybe we'll be friends one day. So we left but decided to drive around the apartment property again since we were already down there. Seriously, so EXCITING. 
THIS coming weekend we get to do our walk through and see our actual apartment. So it looks like we will be going back down there this weekend. Woo hoo!

Sunday after church I worked on my bridesmaid gifts. I wasn't able to work on them at all last week so I am determined to finish them this week. I ended up deciding that I didn't like what I had originally worked on so I redid it this past weekend (about 3 hours on Saturday night worth of redoing, but it'll be worth it!). I went Sunday afternoon to get all the stuff to put it together. Slowly but surely these bad boys will be making their appearance to the blog!   

This is a really long post with only one picture, so I will leave you with this...hilarious!! 

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