Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My first Wedding Wednesday: Theme

There was wedding talk last Wednesday but that was a guest post from my sister, so I'm considering this my first Wedding Wednesday! I have followed different blogger's engagements and loved seeing their WW posts so I am just a little excited to be finally posting about OURS!
Today I wanted to give you a little glimpse of what I envision for our big day, some what of a theme!
We are a pretty laid back couple. Our usual night out consists grabbing dinner and then watching a movie at one of our apartments. We do try to dress up when we go on a real date but it's still, nothing too fancy. We don't bar hop and we don't go downtown to hangout.
So, when I first started really thinking about our big day I could never picture a crazy expensive or big wedding.
If we're being honest in the past three weeks I have thought multiple times of us just eloping or going somewhere with our immediate family and getting married. After seeing how much everything costs and then thinking about only using it for one day?! It's just SO absurd to me. Do people really drop that much money on venues for 1 day? Do people really pay that much for one 1 dress for one day?! I don't want to come off as sounding cheap but goodness, stuff adds up. We are going to have a very low budget wedding compared to a lot of people and I am okay with that. Because at the end of the day we will still be married. If I don't have the most expensive wedding invites or the most expensive flowers we will still be husband and wife. I also want to make a lot of our decorations, and make them to where I can use them in our house for decorations later on, too.
When I envision our wedding day, I see the people we love the most around us, celebrating our new marriage. I see simplicity, everyone enjoying each other's company, sweet hugs, and good conversations. I see our friends and family looking pretty without feeling pretty uncomfortable. I see our reception as a calm and laid back time with a good southern meal and Matthew's favorite sweet tea. I see my sweet girls in cute and simple dresses that didn't cost them an arm and a leg, and that they really WILL wear again. I picture myself holding hands with my new husband while we visit with our guests and thank them for coming. Because each and every one of them are important to us.
Here is a little of what I see in my head.
Take away the two on the left and add ivory and navy blue and you have our wedding colors!
Really, the only navy that will be in the weddng will be the suites our guys will be wearing and the only light green (soft sage, I think it's called) will come from the flowers.
So blush, navy, ivory, and light sage (light green)

I love the mason jars on the left. It pulls all of our colors together. // y'all knew it was coming. Vintage plates. I already have them and can't wait to see them used on our day. It's going to be so, so sweet.
We will be having a pie table.
I am asking all of the women closest to us in our families and some really close family friends to make a pie. I love the idea of having them share their talents and be apart of our day.
Of course I will be adding calligraphy in our wedding some how, after all, it is the reason I wanted to learn it. I'm just not exactly sure how I am going to just yet.
I love the sparkler exit.
Of course this isn't EVERYTHING in my head but I also don't want to give too much away, just yet ;) We still don't have a date nailed down just yet but we have an idea. I can't wait to share with y'all when we do have it finalized! 


  1. Your day is going to be so perfect for the two of you. Caleb and I kept our day (and our budget) very simple, and it still felt "expensive" to me!! Can't wait to hear more details!!


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