Tuesday, January 27, 2015


There is this new place here in town called Salads-N-More. 
I'll admit when I first pulled up the first time I went I was a little skeptical. I decided to try it anyways and was completely amazed. Three older ladies run it (think: Golden Girls) and it is incredible.

They have a FULL salad bar with anything you can think of to go on or with your salad.

Everything is completely cleaned and they keep it well stocked. They are open from 11:00-2:00 everyday and make PLENTY of business. I have to leave a couple of minutes early to get there right at 11:00 when they open or I will be waiting in line. SO many people are finding out about this incredible place. Not only do they have salads they have homemade chili, sandwiches and BBQ. These ladies are so sweet and always start conversations with everyone. They have pictures of their families all over inside, on top of the salad bars and on walls. It's so sweet and they are so proud of their families. 

The best part? It's CHEAP.

They have three different size to go boxes to choose from. I get the biggest one so that I can mix it all around without any falling off. That up there only cost me $2.41. 

DID Y'ALL READ THAT?! $2.41??!?

That is cheaper than buying the stuff to make my own salad at home! The bag of mixed salad at the store alone is more than what I pay for there. I also don't like eating salads every single day for lunch, so when I do buy that bag of already mixed salad at the store I end up usually throwing half of it away. So this is just a much better option for me! It also helps that it's about 4 minutes from my work!

Happy Tuesday!! 


  1. SO cute! Whenever I'm craving a good, colorful salad...I'll run to Kroger. I usually get a huge salad, tons of sides of fruit & veggies and my totally is always under $5!! Can't beat it!!!

  2. I am ALL about an affordable meal. Plus it's healthy!!! Looks like a cute little place, and I imagine the ladies running it are even cuter, hehe

  3. I sure wish there were someplace like that close to my office!


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