Thursday, February 2, 2017


Everyone loves a fresh start, a new year/month, a new planner/calendar, new ideas, and maybe even a new budget....I know I'm not the only one out there that loves all that! I like to think that I get 12 fresh starts a year (obviously, I could look at Mondays as a fresh start, and sometimes I do, and then I would have 52 fresh starts this year.)

- Deep clean your home
There are so many different ways to deep clean your home, but do what works best for you. There is nothing better than starting a new month with clean home and clean slate! While you're at it, deep clean your car. Throw out all the trash and wipe everything down. Don't forget about your trunk!

- Goals
Take some time to think about your 2017 goals at the beginning of each month, what all do you want to accomplish this year? What small goals can you do each month to reach your bigger goals? You have 365 days, so challenge yourself a little each month, but don't forget to take some time to rest and recharge. Once your have made out your goals print them out and tape up where you'll see them everyday for that month. Maybe on your bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, or what I like to do, tape them in my planner. I like to make out personal goals and then my husband and I like to make out goals for the both of us together. 

- Discuss finances & budget
Sit down and make a budget, or if you're married, sit down and make a budget out with your husband. Do it together so that you can both have some input in it and there are no surprises later on in the month that one of you didn't know about.

- Upload pictures and delete them off your phone
We all hate that little message that pops up on our phone telling us "out of storage" of when you go to take a picture but can't because you don't have enough storage. Now's the time to upload/download/delete them!

- Schedule any appointments/meetings
Get your planner out and write down any meetings/appointments that you know of right then that are coming up that month, or if you need to schedule any with someone then do that!

- Buy birthday/thank you cards
I hate when a birthday sneaks up on me and I keep forgetting to pick up a birthday card at the store, or if I need a 'thank you' card. You can buy them in bulk herehere, or you could always go to Dollar Tree and buy a bunch to keep on hand! Keep them organized and whenever a birthday comes up just pull it our and personalize it with a heartfelt message 

- Plan any trips/schedule travel plans
If you are planning on taking any day trips, weekend trips or long weekend trips then go on and plan add that to your planner! If you need to put in a PTO request at work, do that as well. If you are planning on taking a longer trip within the next couple of months then plan something small this month to get you prepared for that trip (buy travel size toiletries, book your flights, nail down part of your itinerary, etc.) 

- Donate
Walk around your house at the beginning of every month with a trash bag/laundry basket and commit to donating at least two items per month. It doesn't have to be something big, an old pair of jeans will do. If you keep with the two items per month then by December you will have donated at least 24 items! That's 24 items that were just laying around your house causing a cluttered mess that someone else could be using. What's that man's junk is another man's treasure ;)

- Clean out your refrigerator and pantry
Check for any expired items and dispose of them! While you're in there take inventory of any staple items that your keep in your refrigerator/pantry and add them to your grocery list if you see that you are getting low or out.

- Clean out your purse
You've already deep cleaned, cleaned out your car, refrigerator and pantry so you might as well go on and clean out your purse, too! Throw away or store any receipts that you've been holding on to. Any extra papers floating around in your purse? Throw them away! I always seem to collect our church bulletin in my purse, so by the end of the month I have 4+ floating around in there.

I truly believe that doing most of these things will help you stay organized all month and year! Is there anything that you like doing at the beginning of every month?


  1. This is a great list!! Been cleaning the house little by little this week - feels good to start a new month with a clean house :)

  2. GIRL. This could easily be the "most pinned blog post" of yours ever! This is incredibly accurate. If I did all of these things at the beginning of every month, life would be a lot less clutter-filled. I love the uploading/deleting of photos. I actually downloaded the Google Photo app and when I'm connected to wifi and open the app, it immediately saves them all online (hooked to my personal gmail) so they will ALWAYS be there. It gives me peace of mind! I love this post, girl.

  3. These are all great ideas! I clean my purse out once a week because it gets crazy out of control otherwise!

  4. I love all these ideas. I rarely clean out my car (I swear it's not dirty!), but it could definitely benefit from a little refresh and wipe down inside. I love the idea of going through the pantry and fridge every month, too. Just everything - all great ideas!

  5. Oh man... these are amazing tips and I have to admit, I don't do any of them! So bad! Thank you for sharing - I'll have to start implementing some of them :)

  6. This might be the best list I have seen in a long time! I have to do the picture one so bad! I have way too many pictures on my phone and they are all mainly of my dogs! hahaha
    I think I might have to print this list!


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